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Tip: Your Personal Twitter Account, Useless, and Succeeding

Within the current century, one of technology and social media innovation, Twitter has become more viral than a case of the herpes. While it has its beloved fail whale moments and its share of errors, crashes, and often some idiot hacks into the network to shut it down; it’s still much better than something a brillo pad and Ajax won’t take off -- which is why everyone wants a piece of it! |

Those who know me well and
many who are just getting to know me through consumer marketing blogging here via Blogger are well aware that I also work from home in dignified new-media and new technology subjective journalism, while this is not how I would start such a professional article but for a change I wanted to bring my work and humor to those who read my blog; what better way than looking through my database of articles and putting a spin on a tip-based blog for Twitter assistance.

Succeed on a Personal Account With Ease:
(1.) Tweet Anything You See In Breaking News: Contrary to popular belief communication is merely a second reason to tweet your soul out; the pinnacle of platform based usage is for the latest in breaking news; which at times appears three days in advance on Twitter when compared to that of national traditional media broadcasting. Here I use search a great deal, especially during earthquakes, storms, and major breaking news.

(2.) Tweet About Anything Tech Geek Chic:
Such tip really isn’t all so secretive as Twitter is the innovative technological Internet future coupled with that of mobile means and platform application download popularity. Items hash-tagged such as #AppleiPhone4, #Android, #Windows7 and so forth will get you the geeks that you want. It’s your next step to keep them by engaging with them socially and becoming their friends while supplying them with a consistent feed of factual data. Perfect for my perspective but I’m sure that through Google you too can manage this.

(3.) Tweet a Cause:
Charity is big on Twitter, just look at how celebrities are raising money for the gulf and the extensive support for the catastrophic earthquake in demolished Haiti, which still needs our help greatly. Get active and show your compassion!

(4.) Create a Trend:
This is pretty difficult but it can be done with aid and assistance of breaking news; but you must act fast and have a tag that is catchy and desirable to those of the Twitterverse. However do not be rude and spam tweeting such over and over as this will cancel out all you are attempting to do by building your account and on an alt it will get your IP address banned by the new Twitter spam team. I’m sure you know something that someone doesn’t yet know about, gather your friends and join in; communicate over email and use messenger as Twitter is not a instant messenger!

(5.) Watching Trending Topics Via Twitter:
Gaining friends reflects in both your watch and participation in changing Twitter Trends. Get active in this area, get creative and get retweeted if you’re inspiring, funny, and vitally factual in your tweets. You’re competing with the entire world and millions so use your brain power in this area. It works, tried and true! Events also like follow Friday, music Monday, and so forth will gain you some support; remember tech Tuesday and hashtags are important for these events also.

(6.) Get Yourself a Popular Pal:
You also always want to have a good popular friend in your corner that tweets to you using your username, the gain is incredible from a single celeb based real tweet or a tech junkie that is at a million plus followers. Use your manners and inside voice to drum up the friendship and always make sure to keep up with their timeline and who they follow -- be active!

(7.) Be Mature:
Nobody like’s an idiot, this is pretty plain and simple; get me?

(8.) When in doubt, retweet:
Retweeting is thought to be as a honor on Twitter and those who get retweeted should always show their honer and say thank you by returning the retweet favor. There is a new area to keep watch on your retweeting so remember to check this but don’t be obsessive about anything. Twitter is merely a social network but a social network that’s detox has been linked to having the same mannerisms as that of alcohol – eek! Know when to stop all of this and see the colours of the world through your own precious eyes. I’ve seen people tweet for 12 and 16 hours straight forgetting the fact they are parents of a toddler or young child; even those with newborns. It does take over if you allow it too. Twitter makes me feel like I’m not talking to myself!

(10.) Rack Up The Followers:
Some days you will gain, sometimes you will lose; it’s just the quality of content and the person you are that really counts. It’s only a number and remember that anything promising to get you more followers is now a banned qualifier on Twitter; your account can also be terminated for such use. Why cheat?

Be aware this is for personal Twitter based accounts only and this was written only for this blog; a tip and some daily humor as I’ve bad a rough day with a doctor appointment tomorrow that I am by far in favor of due to the fact that screws with my entire day!

Marketing and Business Twitter accounts play by a total different ball game, baby! Believe me it’s like night and day!

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