Monday, July 19, 2010

Tip: Your Personal Twitter Account, Useless, and Succeeding

Within the current century, one of technology and social media innovation, Twitter has become more viral than a case of the herpes. While it has its beloved fail whale moments and its share of errors, crashes, and often some idiot hacks into the network to shut it down; it’s still much better than something a brillo pad and Ajax won’t take off -- which is why everyone wants a piece of it! |

Those who know me well and
many who are just getting to know me through consumer marketing blogging here via Blogger are well aware that I also work from home in dignified new-media and new technology subjective journalism, while this is not how I would start such a professional article but for a change I wanted to bring my work and humor to those who read my blog; what better way than looking through my database of articles and putting a spin on a tip-based blog for Twitter assistance.

Succeed on a Personal Account With Ease:
(1.) Tweet Anything You See In Breaking News: Contrary to popular belief communication is merely a second reason to tweet your soul out; the pinnacle of platform based usage is for the latest in breaking news; which at times appears three days in advance on Twitter when compared to that of national traditional media broadcasting. Here I use search a great deal, especially during earthquakes, storms, and major breaking news.

(2.) Tweet About Anything Tech Geek Chic:
Such tip really isn’t all so secretive as Twitter is the innovative technological Internet future coupled with that of mobile means and platform application download popularity. Items hash-tagged such as #AppleiPhone4, #Android, #Windows7 and so forth will get you the geeks that you want. It’s your next step to keep them by engaging with them socially and becoming their friends while supplying them with a consistent feed of factual data. Perfect for my perspective but I’m sure that through Google you too can manage this.

(3.) Tweet a Cause:
Charity is big on Twitter, just look at how celebrities are raising money for the gulf and the extensive support for the catastrophic earthquake in demolished Haiti, which still needs our help greatly. Get active and show your compassion!

(4.) Create a Trend:
This is pretty difficult but it can be done with aid and assistance of breaking news; but you must act fast and have a tag that is catchy and desirable to those of the Twitterverse. However do not be rude and spam tweeting such over and over as this will cancel out all you are attempting to do by building your account and on an alt it will get your IP address banned by the new Twitter spam team. I’m sure you know something that someone doesn’t yet know about, gather your friends and join in; communicate over email and use messenger as Twitter is not a instant messenger!

(5.) Watching Trending Topics Via Twitter:
Gaining friends reflects in both your watch and participation in changing Twitter Trends. Get active in this area, get creative and get retweeted if you’re inspiring, funny, and vitally factual in your tweets. You’re competing with the entire world and millions so use your brain power in this area. It works, tried and true! Events also like follow Friday, music Monday, and so forth will gain you some support; remember tech Tuesday and hashtags are important for these events also.

(6.) Get Yourself a Popular Pal:
You also always want to have a good popular friend in your corner that tweets to you using your username, the gain is incredible from a single celeb based real tweet or a tech junkie that is at a million plus followers. Use your manners and inside voice to drum up the friendship and always make sure to keep up with their timeline and who they follow -- be active!

(7.) Be Mature:
Nobody like’s an idiot, this is pretty plain and simple; get me?

(8.) When in doubt, retweet:
Retweeting is thought to be as a honor on Twitter and those who get retweeted should always show their honer and say thank you by returning the retweet favor. There is a new area to keep watch on your retweeting so remember to check this but don’t be obsessive about anything. Twitter is merely a social network but a social network that’s detox has been linked to having the same mannerisms as that of alcohol – eek! Know when to stop all of this and see the colours of the world through your own precious eyes. I’ve seen people tweet for 12 and 16 hours straight forgetting the fact they are parents of a toddler or young child; even those with newborns. It does take over if you allow it too. Twitter makes me feel like I’m not talking to myself!

(10.) Rack Up The Followers:
Some days you will gain, sometimes you will lose; it’s just the quality of content and the person you are that really counts. It’s only a number and remember that anything promising to get you more followers is now a banned qualifier on Twitter; your account can also be terminated for such use. Why cheat?

Be aware this is for personal Twitter based accounts only and this was written only for this blog; a tip and some daily humor as I’ve bad a rough day with a doctor appointment tomorrow that I am by far in favor of due to the fact that screws with my entire day!

Marketing and Business Twitter accounts play by a total different ball game, baby! Believe me it’s like night and day!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Product: Cutest Hello Kitty Mouse From Budget Gadgets Under $10

Using a laptop you may be familiar with the build in pointing device, known as a touchpad. Touchpad’s operate by allowing your finger to trace the path of the mouse, a right and left button will allow for options to be selected similar to a traditional computer mice -- only with convinced of taking up no space. Operation is functional by an internal sensor that picks up the slightest pad movement, by dragging ones finger down the side of the touchpad a scrolling simulation is activated on most new laptops. As a self professed chic technology geek, I absolutely abhor the built in touchpad pointing devices and simply I refuse to use a touchpad for my computerized functioning; the main one being that these pointing devices madden me with their out-of-control cursors and their impossible dragging options. A laptop mouse is a must have this chic technology geek and I am zealous with love for the “Cute Hello Kitty USB Option Scroll Wheel Mouse V2”, which I obtained from a store that many have never heard of prior; Budget Gadgets.

Immediate to the arrival of the package it was opened with a girly “
awe” due to the sweet appearance of Hello Kitty; any young-girl’s favorite. One I got over the initial aesthetic beauty and awe of a frugal product, without delay I attached the beloved pink USB to my professional work laptop where the product would obtain its fair share of points/clicks/and scrolls -- with this being new hardware the computer had to install the Hello Kitty mouse but under 30 seconds a connection was made. I am austerely impressed as this mouse has been by far the best mouse I have ever had in the grip of my hand; by no way am I “just saying that” either. At 2.43 ounces the mouse itself is very light weight which is a tech lover’s dream, for me, the light weight makes functioning 100% easier and quicker which will quickly be noticed within the first hour or so of use. It appears that the mouse is made from top-quality plastic material and the design can in no way be torn off or damaged due it being printed onto the mouse itself. My favorite function of this mouse is that all buttons and the scroll mouse are sensitive to my touch yielding right and left clicking with ease and speeding up process with my home business also. Girls, last but not least the “Cute Hello Kitty USB Option Scroll Wheel Mouse V2 glows alternating between a precious blue and a dark pink that is simply fabulous and in my opinion truly posh! This mouse from Budget Gadgets can be purchased for a frugal price $7.91 which makes this Hello Kitty mouse the cheapest quality elite laptop mouse on today’s technology market.

If you are unfamiliar with Budget Gadgets, they are a technology supplier located in
Shenzhen, China; directly purchasing items without the cost of an American based middle man will have you keeping much more money in your pocket. They officially begin retail and wholesale both in 2003 and boast an experienced team that’s first intention is to give the consumer the apex of personal satisfaction; buyers are held by them to be of grand importance which is why respect is given with quick shipping and frugal pricing. They offer five various payment options such as Visa and PayPal to name a mere two. Daily they obtain new products to add to their quite impressive website of prestigious offerings such as but not limited to; electronics, computers/networking, mobile phone/PDA, video gaming, sporting goods, automotive, home products and more of the tech you love as a geek.

Rating of the Product: 5 of 5 Stars
Rating of Budget Gadgets: 5 of 5 Stars
Likelihood of
Recommendation: Already have and will continue
  Satisfaction with
Service: 5 of 5 stars
Satisfaction with
Pricing: 5 of 5 stars

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Application: Keep Your Child Safe With My Mobile Watchdog

Sexting has quickly become a twenty-first century epidemic with our youth. Essentially sexting can be classified as the action of sending half-nude or fully nude photos of oneself via mobile means to others, these photos are later shared and even downloaded online -- no longer amongst friends but visual to the whole world. As police attempt to cease this stomach-wrenching act photos have been classified highly illegal, zoned as underage, and slapped with the label “child porn” due to the age of the subject -- in 73% of sexting photos the subject is under the legal age of eight-teen. Termed at that of a epidemic, one could possibility even use the term pandemic as adults are now becoming innocent victims of horrific pranks, these pranks send under-age nude photos to the adult’s mobile phones resulting in these adults to be accused of sex crimes against children and labeled accordingly as not much can be done in defense once photos are found. Within this century unless living under a rock we have all heard of sexting and also the laws now enforced to cease this alarming trend, laws vary by state; however many teens are being charged with possession of “child porn” and related sexual crimes. Technology has become the largest tool for today’s sexual predator and doubling as the latest toy for today’s savvy teenagers; children do not realize the dangers lurking behind the monitor and due to this they tend to make actions that put them at high risk to become “fresh meat” for today’s tech savvy pedophile. We must be active in our children’s life online, in each step; as parents and role models it is us that have the obligation to their safety.

To give a brief example, a 14-year-old New Jersey student got caught up in the latest fad posting nude photos of herself on MySpace. Her intention, she decried in court was to
tease her six-teen-year old boyfriend and done this with use of the privacy settings enacted. Privacy settings fail when other people that have access to the account save and share the photos (or personal information) publicly, teens never think of this. She was charged with posting pornographic photos of herself online while another young teenage body was put on trial for having sexting material on his mobile phone and was labeled as a sex offender -- having to register as well in his area. Today’s police are attempting to nip sexing in the bud, showing no mercy; yet this vitally unsafe epidemic is far to widespread for police to obtain nearly 1% of all users; this is why as parents and role models we have to step up and step in.

I believe it is a
travesty of parenting that sex and sexual explicit material seems to be growing far more in tolerance as parents get consumed in this “fast paced business social world” and fail to check on the actions of their children -- be it the internet or the mobile phone. Granted we cannot do it all but we must become properly educated on the best tools that are on the market to aid in our pre-teen and teenager’s safety. At the apex of charts My Mobile Watchdog a program that is installed by the parent or carrier that immediately alerts the parent when your child receives an unapproved electronic text, mail, message, or call. This is not spyware for your child’s phone, the child is alerted that this is installed, a variety of times throughout his/her mobile usage day; in this I believe this product is top rated as parents or role models do not spy underground but convey to their child of their concern which in return allows the child to know the mother/father/provider is true in his/her concern.

Equipped with a website that lets parents know the 411 on the actions that affect their child, from sexting to cyber-bullying and beyond, My Mobile Watchdog simply comes with
software for the youth’s mobile device and a website denoted of all activity for that child; parents have full control of this applications control and functionality. In example if you know your child’s best friends you may allow them without control but all disallowed activity gets alerted straight away with the actual text, photograph, or phone number -- all information directly import’s itself onto the parents website. My experience with the website, as we have this for my two lovely niece’s cell phones is that use is simple with color coded data for a simple glace; in example white shows as all allowed activity, pink is all unapproved mobile activity, and yellow marks highly suspicious activity. As a benefit, the website allows full reports to be printed and used for the police if need be, since My Mobile Watchdog is governmental approved police are alert to its function and take these reports without thinking that the parent is merely over-reacting. Highly recommended for all parents and used in my family, you will have added comfort that you are protecting your child without spying on that child.

Cost to Protect Your Child:
An affordable $9.95 per month protects 5 children -
exclusive through this website, also get the set up free wavered (a $25 value).

More Information on My Mobile Watchdog

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Product News: Apple's iPhone 4 To Be Sold at Walmart

Awesome news Wal-Mart shoppers, if you despise standing in long lines at your local AT&T, Apple Store, and Best Buy you should know that Apple’s new iPhone 4 will be available for purchase and servicing at Wal-Mart and other select retailers! This is such a technological dream for many and I am quite proud of Apple for increasing profitability simply by marketing the product better; this could be the apex for Apple iPhone 4 in fact.

On June 24, 2010, release day for iPhone 4,
Wal-Mart will join Best Buy and Radio Shack in carrying these innovative technological gadgets, the future is in your hands if you want to purchase; I would be lost without mine to be quite honest. This breaking news leads Apple in the right direction of relationship growth with other well known brand retailers specializing in mobile technology.

Remember pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 4 begin June 15, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tech: No More Of The Bland White Background From Google

Surprise, surprise the day has finally came that Google got rid of their drab white homepage design, releasing their customized backgrounds just today June 10, 2010. White backgrounds and the inability to customize was a technological fashion so out of date, Google realized this; perhaps maybe from a little push of Bing.

Account holders simply need to go to Google’s search engine homepage, a page we know far too well, and take a quick glance at the bottom left corner of the screen where you will newly notice a blue change your background image hyperlink. Google prompts each user to log on to access such new option so they can keep track of the success rate of this new feature, once signed in you can add your custom Picasa image or choose from editor picks and user shared photos; this data base will continuously grow so please do not fear if you find distaste in selections thus far -- remember you can add and also share your own Google background image!

Personally, it took me several various pre-downloaded options to choose that I would opt for a nice attentive black and white image from my own web file; my goal was to calm the vibrant colors of the sections Google has opted to put into place. I have no doubt that you will too change your mind a few times and Google also allows for this, each time you wish to try another Google will revert to the white background and prompt you for your choice.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Feature: Um, What the Heck is a Google Page Rank

Overview: What Is Google Page Rank, Really?
Google Page Rank is merely one of the numerous ranking methods Google utilizes to determine a website’s relevant importance; varying from 0 to 10.
Google ranks each page by complex algorithm, an equation not published in full context so to eliminate chances at rank manipulation -- by no means is this mathematical equation simplistic
Google Page Rank is determined by incoming links, however, this is not as easy as obtaining a horde of linking websites; webpage links are rated by their own relevance, importance, and vitally their own quality. Linking websites are praised for their dedication, devotion, quality, and importance. Easily, when a website links to a page it is thought of as a vote for the particular website; so one could think of this ranking system as a gathering of votes with extended factors that purely no one understands
Solely, in perspective of page rank, not all links carry the same influence
Website owners should be assured that bad incoming links have no effect on their page rank.
Google does not consider a website’s content when ranking the particular page
Each webpage is individual and crawlers do not scan websites as whole of themselves
Page Rank takes no consideration to factors considered by rank popularity; these being the age of the website one website is linking to, how much the specific page back links quality links, the relevancy of each back link, etc.
Google Page Rank is permanent, however, a page is subject to analysis with growth
It should be noted that page rank is derived from every website and website link, except websites that have been blacklisted or penalized for violating Google’s system

Google Page Rank: The Vital Facts:

Ah! Google Page Rank could be thought of a highly technological game as each level (ranking tag/number) is increasingly more difficult to reach; which for the most part technological geeks refer to this as a “Ranking Richter Scale”. Explained in the best way I know, it takes a single step to progress from a 0 to a ; mathematically it consumes more steps to progress from a 1 into a 2, and additional steps are added for each subsequent rank with top tier ranks being the most difficult to reach.
It’s thought that Google uses logarithmic factors into its scoring, meaning that there are 100 times as many sites with a rating of 2 then with a overall ranking of 4, which Google scores as below average; this is due to the fact that the differences between a jump from a 3 to that of a 4 and subsequent from a 4 to a 5 is five to ten times more difficult to accomplish. Confusing huh?
Page rank will not occur overnight but takes stern determination and a great deal of effort to reach a higher leveling. In the twenty-first century page rank is of great importance within a business standpoint, however, a person should not grow obsessed with ranks or even stats as this lowers both. An average Google Page Rank is between 3 and 5 with anything less below average and levels 6 and 7 above, very few elite sites exist with an 8 to 10 rating. Typically, web blogs will rank low to average while media and business corporate sites explode into an elite range.
Website owners collect a higher prized page rank when their unique web link is linked to by pages that carry forth a higher rank themselves, so in example page rank weight is calculated higher if the specific site is being mentioned by one who ranks with an 8 or higher in rank; such as Fox News or The Los Angeles Times. This carries much more influence than being mentioned by average blogs with a rank of 2 to 3.
Google Page rank has zero to do with topical relevance, such as the display of your website address used for the purpose of a title, a keyword, etc. This simply keeps ranking manipulation at bay, to increase in rating the page link must be used on the page unique to the web owners desires.
Typically, pages with a 0 page rank just have not been put into the system yet; Google works diligently on page classification, however, it must be remembered that billions of sites exist while millions of new sites are launching each day. If the page is several months old and continues to reflect a 0 ranking it may be black listed for violations; meaning Google has washed their hands with the site itself.
Not all links carry the same value, which is very hard for me to explain as I do not quite understand this myself. Typically a single link plays more with increasing a rating when compared to a multitude of links, regardless of the sites overall page rank.
While Google utilizes structure, structure is basic and very easy to understand; those pages that Google defines as “important” also attribute to making the link “important” also. This could quite simply be the only thing I understand.
 Those avid for technology, like myself, may notice that it appears toolbars showing a specific sites overall Google Page Rank update each two or three months; individual site page rank is being computer calculated each second.
Page rank is a transferred element; many have questions in this regard. By distributing quality links to quality sites page rank is transferred not given away; a website will not lose its rank by linking to another site nor is this a negative factor in a very complex algebraic equation 
Rank: Factors of Critical Importance

Yes, quite simply rank may be lost; these numbers are static and subject to change with the diversity of the Internet. Given that Google uses such a complex equation that seemingly no one understands or knows in full context, various factors attribute themselves to a loss in Google Page Rank; such as the loss of linking by outside sources with the most significant being a decrease in rank for the elite sites linking to the webpage. All in all, rank is merely a circle of life in which one think brings an effect to another.
Internal linking means everything to Google Page Rank, owners should create a structure that is very simplistic in use and only limited to three steps from the homepage itself; the easier this is the better page rank is due to spiders/crawlers Google puts through the rage at random intervals. Internal linking matters most.
Anchor text is of vital importance as the more detailed the extract the better this will be for crawlers to evaluate such text
A slight rating drop may be charted when new pages are added
When it comes to an individual’s rating, “elite” pages are at a pinnacle due to the fact these sites (and even above average sites) are considered to be important sites in the destitution of rank. So to have links from these “big dogs” means a site is indeed special… Awe!
In continuing with the data above, links “to” and “from” elite sites of superiority are mirrored within the page ranking perspective. Modestly, this reflects to Google that the web owner provides quality content for their audience to savor; giving something more than the average site with a 2 to 3 classification. This gives the site a leg up on the competitive market, all bidding for that top spot on the most demanded search engine - Google.
A one way ticket, please. One way inbound linkage from websites assists with rank, when the linking occurs among similar content sources. It is important to remember that a website is constructed of various pages, each will carry a different rank in most circumstances; so don’t get worried with page variation
Keyword SEO also impacts the placement of a website on a search engine, even if the site has a less then savvy Google Page Rank; simply due to keyword/content relevance, Google provides the best results to their users so in some cases page rank is not a factor over relevance and prevalence
Yes, Google has a blacklisting that is often used. Blacklisting occurs when a website violates the Terms of Service, common violations resulting in a mere penalty include but are not limited to; using hidden text such as white on white, redirecting with deception, cloaking themselves, the utilization of automated link exchange systems. Banning occurs when a website links into a bad neighborhood, link farm, previously banned by Google sites with knowledge and also violating the disclosures agreed to. It is quite recommended to return to Google and read these, because I know you didn’t.

Rank: What Doesn’t Matter:

Website owners may daily add immense content to their website, however, all the content in the world will not matter as content does not play part in page rank. To Google for the purpose of page rank, the importance is those sites that are linking directly to the website in question. Content is only taken into considerations when allotted for search engine relevance, instead of a general overview Google spiders that crawl through the site look for specific content.
Sorry about the luck but the adored and grossly important Wikipedia has met with Google officials to sign on a “no follow rule”, which means any links made to this Internet knowledge power-house are void and do not count towards rank. In this contact, Google spiders filter any and all mentions to Wikipedia. Must I remind that filtered material is overlooked as if it doesn’t exist…
As an enhancement of the above, many sites now have signed contacts with Google stipulation that they are “no-follow” and should be filtered from Google Page Rank. For example Yahoo, Ask, Google, and anything that directly comes from these direct sites.
Let’s say that a site has strong affection for another site and steaming from that devotion the site may link ten times to the website; multiple linkage does not increase page rank as this is calculated merely a single time – giving each website a fair page rank
The weight between a [dot]com, [dot]gov, [dot]edu, etc site is classified as the same by Google insiders. I asked!
In another Google Rank myth exposed, meta-tags do nothing to boost page rank; this is factored in the same way non-meta tagging sites are; which eases my scenes.
Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for a sub-directory and a free website hosted platform to achieve a higher rank at an equal rate than personal hosted sites and root-directories. This might mind boggle some geeks but really the entire Google system mind boggles me.

I hope this clarifies many of your questions about Google Page Rank, to be honest with you it is something that I do not understand myself; neither is SEO -- so I understand your confusion and I thank you for your emails and the desires you have shown to allow me to help a bit. Yes, I have deep roots in technology as a journalist for the objection, nine of ten time I can answer you directly; or if the question is requested as Page Rank was I can write a feature with the abundance of information.
…Good Luck…
Smoochies & Hugs

Monday, May 24, 2010

Review: Why I Recommend Microsoft Windows 7

Oh great! Just when my at home small business was adjusting to Windows Vista, Microsoft comes out in late 2009 with a brand new operation system oddly named Windows 7; could this be a branding trend on their horizons. I never flock to newly released operating system, usually my purchasing of Microsoft’s systems are subsequent to the second service pack being launched to fix the pre-found errors -- which will always occur with software operational systems; this has become synonymous with Microsoft. I was forced to adjust quickly to Microsoft’s Windows 7 when I sent my primary business notebook for a keyboard repair and it was dropped!!! Yes, folks this technology giant, whose name I am withholding for privacy purposes, dropped my notebook and the way described they may have ran over it with a forklift. Their “accident” arranged for me to obtain a brand new primary notebook, at this time the operation system Windows 7 came standard on all personal computers without an option for Vista. Just great I thought to myself what a fun experience thank you so much –tech company-, my sarcastic and angered mind raced.

The first thing that I noticed with regards to Microsoft Windows 7 was how quickly the set up process was; as a technology enthusiast I have never seen such an easy and rapid set up than with this brand new operation system. Once the fast set up of your machine is finished you will be directed to your brand new desktop, with Windows 7. After several hours of tinkering with the programs and researching on my own the conclusion was this is so different, I don’t think I like it”.  My feelings promptly changed later that week when I begin to watch the Microsoft Windows 7: How To tutorial videos which are included on the Microsoft Windows site, I would strongly encourage all unfamiliar to watch each video closely as these videos teach ‘everything’ one needs to know about the newly updated operation system. I am providing a link to these videos here as I believe they will assist in any adjustments so to make the change a quicker, easy and better transition. Microsoft tech employees have supplied users with twenty-seven videos; from ‘Getting around the Desktop’, ‘Using Parental Controls’, and beyond to ‘Music’, ‘Photos’ and ‘Troubleshooting’. Each video is under 5 minutes in length and are put into simplistic terminology with step by step display. I enjoyed these videos as they were very straightforward, I was able to visually see the steps being used at the same time as hearing each which helps visual and auditory learners. You will find these innovative and irresistible.
As a chic geek devoted to twenty-first century technology I believe Microsoft has outshined itself with Windows 7. The commercials speaking “..and Windows 7 was my idea.” are accurate in every sense of the phrase. Many still remain unaware that The Microsoft Corp. went directly to loyal users to ask questions as to how to improve on a new operational system project -- this billion dollar corporation listened, taking the best ideas that were commonly expressed globally and incorporated each into the making of Windows 7. This selfless action allowed Microsoft to win me over again by such compassionate care for buyers. I think so much more fondly of the company for these actions and listening to them which was such a powerful and profound statement made by an household l industry leader.

Windows 7 is a Benefit to My Small Business:
Most know me as the queen of multitasking, at any given point when working I am doing six or more things at a single moment in time; be it messenger, multiple browsers, with many tabs, and windows, various office related programs, listening to music, and so on. Windows 7 allows those who multitask, like me, to ‘snap together’ two windows so that both can be viewed at the same time; this is of extreme usage to my business when researching, comparing documents, or moving files to other locations.

Innovative new features now allow those with too many windows open at once to shake their primary window to minimize all other open background windows, to have these windows return simply shake the window once again; this is a great feature also for multitasking purposes as it reduces confusion. Each opened program displays on a newly constructed icon only taskbar, with each opened window all I have to do is a quick hovering of the mouse to gain a visible preview of all opened programs and pages, simply click to go to the page and click again to restore the prior page. My thoughts are that Microsoft put many months of effort into appealing to the new multitasking generation and small business users which all in all reinstates my appreciation for The Microsoft Corp. Did I mention that you can now move freely items on your taskbar, which I love as it helps me to organize programs of likeness side by side -- this was wished for by thousands of loyal Windows technology users.

-Microsoft Windows 7 makes it simple to customize and save desktop my own artistic digital themes, straight from right clicking the desktop.
-Wallpaper can include all images saved on the computer, giving me the control as to which photo appears in creating a changing wallpaper and screensaver display.
-Programs can easy be pinned to the task bar and start menu with a single click, so that they can be found in seconds and also accessed easily.
-Searching through all the files on my system, and 2 TB external harddrive takes seconds and each search can be properly filtered.
-For parents with children Windows 7 “Parental Controls” are superb in the latest technology and these allow for many formulations to be made custom to your child.
-Trouble shooting via the computer is very simple; I have done this before and find it quite functionally complete.

-Microsoft Windows 7 has no sidebar to organize gadgets so now they are placed on my desktop, so to help add to my clutter and frustration.
-In the bottom right corner one can hide their windows to return to a clean and clear desktop, when the mouse pointer accidently creeps to that spot the windows magically disappear from view which is a painful annoyance to my business journalism.
-My favorite Vista gadget, sticky notes, which appeared as a gadget in the sidebar section is now a application making it impossible to simply glance over and look. This disappointed me greatly
-The taskbar clock could be better done as also could the date display, it appears with a half finished project appearance that is not appealing to me and I hear not appealing to many technological women.
-Various programs are bugged based on their coding (ie Adobe), especially when one has a 64-bit system as well; I am forever incurring various shut downs and “cannot function” errors; even with the newest of the new updates -- when involved in a project this sudden loss of function makes me wish to scream directly in Microsoft’s ears.

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

“you just cannot beat this operating system for your PC needs”

© Copyright Hollywood Chic 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review: The Video Perfect Fifth Generation Apple iPod Nano

Technology innovation is remarkable, so the pleasures I received when I opened a package containing a beautiful pink Apple iPod Nano. The color is vibrant pink as I requested and the ambiance of the new aluminum finish is today’s technological posh. With this updated device, Apple has took the classical way users have viewed the iPod and offered us loyalists with so much more; with the ability to shoot video on a larger screen -- just when you believe that the Nano couldn’t get any better, it did!

I am so shocked at how thin Apple Corp. creates new age technology; it is virtually weightless to do all the features I was exposed to in the reviews. With the new built in camera feature, you can catch your family and friends anywhere they are; to capture the moment with today’s innovation. It’s quick, clear, very simple to use, a new revolution that has already begun. This device is small enough to fit in my purse or my pocket, which is a feature you will love; due to ease of access. Simply users can get to the camera by menu selection, with the option of landscape or vertical portrait; my suggestion is to always use the landscape feature for your videos as I have had the best of luck with this. Once videos are captured and just perfect users can send each video caption by electronic mail, Facebook, or MobileMe technologies. I personally tested the options for Facebook and email; the upload speeds are swift and the ability to share is with the utmost ease. My favorite is that videos can be shared on YouTube, the top-ranked video platform in a new media world of the twenty-first century, for this review I created my first YouTube video; not making my fiancĂ© very happy of a camper as it was of him. Apple iPod Nano allows editing also with these videos, which I love as a digital photo manipulator; you will enjoy these assorted options too. So far so great!

The new Apple iPod Nano is still tied to music but enhanced with quality. A FM Radio now has a feature called “live pause” which allows the user to actually pause their favorite songs & radio to come back when the interruption is over. It actually speaks the names of your songs too you, this feature is one I love and prefer; no longer do I have to take my eyes from my work to look at my music or the artist.

A Fifth Generation: At a Glance
Screen size: 2.2 inches
Resolution: 240x376
Pixels Per Inch: 204
Audio: 5 of 5 stars
Video 4.5 of 5 stars

Did I also mention that it has a calorie counter, that when turned on will track steps walked and calories burned! Great to use with the Wii!

Review: Apple 3G iPhone

Just seconds ago I was just remarking high praise for Apple’s iPhone innovation, a product that small business owners such as me cannot live without. I would highly suggest spending a little extra money to get in touch with twenty-first century business operations; without blinking an eye. The Apple 3G iPhone is remarkable as the fastest phone yet to accomplish successes in the technology and mobilization. Like a kid in delicious candy store, I could not wait to obtain mine through The Apple Corp. One of the first things I noticed, having and disowning the first version, was the speed of the 3G iPhone; in a mere fraction of the time it took with all other mobile phones, and the prior version, I can have access to my favorite business applications as well as my every day apps. Due to the 3G network being built for speed electronic mail is so much faster to obtain which is so important for me as a small business owner, graphics are crisp and enhanced is their overall quality which is great for my every day application usages. This is a truly
versatile phone, that I would never switch from if offered millions; one that I am proudly to be “married too” for life!

Easily you can rotate this phone longwise, so to obtain the landscape keyboard; which I would recommend to all Apple iPhone users. It took me a week or two of constant use to get used to sending business text and surfing the web to get the hand of this nifty little pioneering keyboard. The efficient additional features from Apple allow spelling mistakes to be corrected which is great for users on this keyboard, as well as allows the acceleration of typing due to tracking what you as a user type; from this tracking and storage easily quick suggestions of text can be made so that users on the go do not have to type out whole text entries – this works great for Notepad, Email, and the web browser. Keys in which you touch are enlarged to show your letter preferences, which I thought was effective as this will cut down on costly mistakes sending mail to my boss. Two clicks to the screen allows a user to cut, copy, or paste which is my favorite too as I do a great deal of this for PR, one can even copy, cut, and paste from the web and inject that into notes or emails. Another remarkable feature is the phone keypad, Apple iPhone provides a huge telephone keypad with letters and numbers as well as a green call feature when a number is entered; this makes my calling precise. I have nothing but great things about this notable mobile device as it is assisting to the maximum with my small business; be it at home or on the go.

My third fanatical feature of the Apple iPhone is ‘voice control’ and the ease of use with this superb function. Just with the sound of my voice I can play my favorite songs when I feel like listening to music on my outings, call by voice command only as long as the number is stored in my phone. Users need to set this feature up, it’s pretty simple to do and takes under a minute; for most technological savvy users.

While I love the ability to message my contacts, straight from the iPhone platform; I typically do this in a doctor’s office or other appointment type setting. My final rave of the Apple iPhone is the thousands of features, called apps, that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store quite easily; some are pay others are free. This apps are endless in variety and assist with my life and small business needs, even if I need a flashlight there is a app for that!

-Improved media such as video recording and a very well established camera
in getting me where I need to go
-Improved and enhanced quality to each phone call for a better feature
-Music, another media feature, is acceptable and much better than the first

life could be exceptionally better, the biggest iPhone downfall that many know. The battery depletes with heavy use, such as from my small business; or when I message others; playing games via apps always does this as well
-There are no ways to do what I love, multitask! I wish there was as I need to do this.
-I do not necessary like AT&T, however, I think many do agree with me
-I did have problems syncing my large collaboration of business contacts

4.5 out of 5 stars
-deducted due to battery life

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update: Windstream Repaired Service but Unwilling to Admit to Their Misakes

In a previous blog I highlighted the colossal tribulations that as a customer I have had with Windstream, for over a year. To conserve time and frustration, I encourage viewers to read this Windstream Service Phone & Broadband feature at the link supplied. On Sunday: May 16, 2010 I spoke with Caroline at the Repair Center and explained the details of my issue, initially phoning broadband first. Due to an extended duration of the problem, being without 9-1-1, and losing money with a non-operational small Internet business I was told that I would be put as a priority, meaning that the problem would be fixed on that exact date if not by 10:14 in the morning the following day. My ticket’s priority status also came from the numerous notations phone repair men made to my file, these roughly stated that they had to be dispatched at the time of the call to correct the problem as it was due to the rain, that they could not properly fix the line when the moister inside had dried as their meters would not read properly, also that the problem was continuous to cause the customer a great loss. I seen this notes myself. Windstream’s hard working technicians sought after a resolve and urged for this to be met, however when calling into the “repair center” the file and their notations would go ignored.

On the problem May 16, 2010 I was called two hours later on a mobile number and was so thrilled to be asked if I would be home from 1 to 2:30 that day; I said yes, anticipated their arrival, and no one ever showed up from Windstream. I obtained no calls to cancel, reschedule, or explain. I phoned the “Repair Center” at 4:20pm and expressed my frustration, simply saying that I did not think it was right for Windstream to “lie” about these things to “shut their customers up”. The woman, who failed to give me her name, took a deeply rude stance with me of great disrespect and not once but twice blew her nose during the phone call!! Grossly disgusting!  I seen no workers on that day, had no broadband connection but a dial tone on an unstable phone line with a great deal of static and problems. Landline phone use was in and out and mainly without use. I went to bed in tears as I felt that Windstream was treating me, as a customer, unfairly and failed to care that I had lost over $500 in a single day of not working; from two contracts I lost due to deadlines not being met.

Heaven-sent was knowing that the next morning the line crews were out fixing my phone line and that it was fairly misting rain at the time so the phone was giving the signal they could not find in a year prior. However, this signal was touch and go. The technician was remarkable and compassionate, having been out to the house on four separate occasions; he also included one or two notations into the file. Respecting of his name, I knew I was in great hands when he said enthusiastically “we are not leaving this driveway until this problem is fixed now that the signal we have needed was I just metered, I don’t care how busy we are we are fixing this today.” Quickly he became my lifesaver as he did exactly what he said with his skill and expertise, to insure they caught the problem as it was giving a signal of a cross wire connection he called for bucket truck back up; thus I had two workers diligently working on the issue. First, starting ten miles from the substation they worked their way to my home; the rain stopped and at my home they lost the signal needed. However, the primary worker stayed here until it was retrieved and made a call to his friend to check the pole outside my home. It was a few minutes later as one man worked on box, I got exceptional news, they had found the source of the problem and it would be fixed in two minutes. The worker did not miss his quote, in two minutes this year long crisis was fixed, or so I was told. He graciously set down and explained the full details of the problem to me in a rate I could understand, as we waited for my broadband speed to recover; it slowly did come back up at a rate that is a little better but not what I pay to receive. I am just ecstatic to once again be able to work from home, I attempted to catch up and minimize my losses; sadly, the contracts I lost the day prior were not able to be established due to deadline restrictions resulting in a loss of $500.

I am not confident to announce the problem had been repaired, it has only been two days and we have only had a single small rain shower. I am delighted to say that the Windstream techs gave quality service and worked with extensive compassion. I was again told to ask for a credit on my bill which I never received prior or to satisfaction. The Broadband Call Center follows in quality service; while they do not know of everything they are above satisfaction in their care and always have the desire to assist troubleshooting of technical related issues with broadband. However, very far down that list ranks the Repair Center; simply because had this problem been corrected and  the notations in my file been looked at; I would not be worrying as to how to pay the next bill at such a great loss -- greater by far than just the $500 in this one incident. I have charted all of these losses and I feel that Windstream duty is to admit to their mistake and correct the problem to a full resolve; working with me on this issue. I have  looked into the legalities and found that a suit can be filed in small claims court for my wages lost for this incident and other litigation can be made. My hopes is to work with Windstream Corp. for a resolve outside of court.

I sent an email to Windstream as to my proposal to resolve this issue, so that the company can benefit and also so I can recover from my losses; fair and justified. The email address for such letter goes nowhere and was allocated to me by a lady who seemed willing to work with me; who called yesterday. It is supposed to go directly to corporate as that is who she said would further approve my proposed idea which she commented was “very fair”. Now I am left again having to leave my review on a negative note about Windstream, due to feeling one again that they are attempting to shut me up and get me out of their hair. This proposed idea was to product test their line of “electronic products” for my technology page, each fair and balanced and never to hinder the product; I listed each which did not total my losses. I explained how it would help to recover the losses and I felt as if it was a justified means of working closely with me to admit their mistakes and poor service. In response, I obtain more poor service as the email I was gave for corporate approval fails to reach anyone on the other end of such. Was I lied to, again?

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