Monday, June 21, 2010

Product: Cutest Hello Kitty Mouse From Budget Gadgets Under $10

Using a laptop you may be familiar with the build in pointing device, known as a touchpad. Touchpad’s operate by allowing your finger to trace the path of the mouse, a right and left button will allow for options to be selected similar to a traditional computer mice -- only with convinced of taking up no space. Operation is functional by an internal sensor that picks up the slightest pad movement, by dragging ones finger down the side of the touchpad a scrolling simulation is activated on most new laptops. As a self professed chic technology geek, I absolutely abhor the built in touchpad pointing devices and simply I refuse to use a touchpad for my computerized functioning; the main one being that these pointing devices madden me with their out-of-control cursors and their impossible dragging options. A laptop mouse is a must have this chic technology geek and I am zealous with love for the “Cute Hello Kitty USB Option Scroll Wheel Mouse V2”, which I obtained from a store that many have never heard of prior; Budget Gadgets.

Immediate to the arrival of the package it was opened with a girly “
awe” due to the sweet appearance of Hello Kitty; any young-girl’s favorite. One I got over the initial aesthetic beauty and awe of a frugal product, without delay I attached the beloved pink USB to my professional work laptop where the product would obtain its fair share of points/clicks/and scrolls -- with this being new hardware the computer had to install the Hello Kitty mouse but under 30 seconds a connection was made. I am austerely impressed as this mouse has been by far the best mouse I have ever had in the grip of my hand; by no way am I “just saying that” either. At 2.43 ounces the mouse itself is very light weight which is a tech lover’s dream, for me, the light weight makes functioning 100% easier and quicker which will quickly be noticed within the first hour or so of use. It appears that the mouse is made from top-quality plastic material and the design can in no way be torn off or damaged due it being printed onto the mouse itself. My favorite function of this mouse is that all buttons and the scroll mouse are sensitive to my touch yielding right and left clicking with ease and speeding up process with my home business also. Girls, last but not least the “Cute Hello Kitty USB Option Scroll Wheel Mouse V2 glows alternating between a precious blue and a dark pink that is simply fabulous and in my opinion truly posh! This mouse from Budget Gadgets can be purchased for a frugal price $7.91 which makes this Hello Kitty mouse the cheapest quality elite laptop mouse on today’s technology market.

If you are unfamiliar with Budget Gadgets, they are a technology supplier located in
Shenzhen, China; directly purchasing items without the cost of an American based middle man will have you keeping much more money in your pocket. They officially begin retail and wholesale both in 2003 and boast an experienced team that’s first intention is to give the consumer the apex of personal satisfaction; buyers are held by them to be of grand importance which is why respect is given with quick shipping and frugal pricing. They offer five various payment options such as Visa and PayPal to name a mere two. Daily they obtain new products to add to their quite impressive website of prestigious offerings such as but not limited to; electronics, computers/networking, mobile phone/PDA, video gaming, sporting goods, automotive, home products and more of the tech you love as a geek.

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