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Application: Keep Your Child Safe With My Mobile Watchdog

Sexting has quickly become a twenty-first century epidemic with our youth. Essentially sexting can be classified as the action of sending half-nude or fully nude photos of oneself via mobile means to others, these photos are later shared and even downloaded online -- no longer amongst friends but visual to the whole world. As police attempt to cease this stomach-wrenching act photos have been classified highly illegal, zoned as underage, and slapped with the label “child porn” due to the age of the subject -- in 73% of sexting photos the subject is under the legal age of eight-teen. Termed at that of a epidemic, one could possibility even use the term pandemic as adults are now becoming innocent victims of horrific pranks, these pranks send under-age nude photos to the adult’s mobile phones resulting in these adults to be accused of sex crimes against children and labeled accordingly as not much can be done in defense once photos are found. Within this century unless living under a rock we have all heard of sexting and also the laws now enforced to cease this alarming trend, laws vary by state; however many teens are being charged with possession of “child porn” and related sexual crimes. Technology has become the largest tool for today’s sexual predator and doubling as the latest toy for today’s savvy teenagers; children do not realize the dangers lurking behind the monitor and due to this they tend to make actions that put them at high risk to become “fresh meat” for today’s tech savvy pedophile. We must be active in our children’s life online, in each step; as parents and role models it is us that have the obligation to their safety.

To give a brief example, a 14-year-old New Jersey student got caught up in the latest fad posting nude photos of herself on MySpace. Her intention, she decried in court was to
tease her six-teen-year old boyfriend and done this with use of the privacy settings enacted. Privacy settings fail when other people that have access to the account save and share the photos (or personal information) publicly, teens never think of this. She was charged with posting pornographic photos of herself online while another young teenage body was put on trial for having sexting material on his mobile phone and was labeled as a sex offender -- having to register as well in his area. Today’s police are attempting to nip sexing in the bud, showing no mercy; yet this vitally unsafe epidemic is far to widespread for police to obtain nearly 1% of all users; this is why as parents and role models we have to step up and step in.

I believe it is a
travesty of parenting that sex and sexual explicit material seems to be growing far more in tolerance as parents get consumed in this “fast paced business social world” and fail to check on the actions of their children -- be it the internet or the mobile phone. Granted we cannot do it all but we must become properly educated on the best tools that are on the market to aid in our pre-teen and teenager’s safety. At the apex of charts My Mobile Watchdog a program that is installed by the parent or carrier that immediately alerts the parent when your child receives an unapproved electronic text, mail, message, or call. This is not spyware for your child’s phone, the child is alerted that this is installed, a variety of times throughout his/her mobile usage day; in this I believe this product is top rated as parents or role models do not spy underground but convey to their child of their concern which in return allows the child to know the mother/father/provider is true in his/her concern.

Equipped with a website that lets parents know the 411 on the actions that affect their child, from sexting to cyber-bullying and beyond, My Mobile Watchdog simply comes with
software for the youth’s mobile device and a website denoted of all activity for that child; parents have full control of this applications control and functionality. In example if you know your child’s best friends you may allow them without control but all disallowed activity gets alerted straight away with the actual text, photograph, or phone number -- all information directly import’s itself onto the parents website. My experience with the website, as we have this for my two lovely niece’s cell phones is that use is simple with color coded data for a simple glace; in example white shows as all allowed activity, pink is all unapproved mobile activity, and yellow marks highly suspicious activity. As a benefit, the website allows full reports to be printed and used for the police if need be, since My Mobile Watchdog is governmental approved police are alert to its function and take these reports without thinking that the parent is merely over-reacting. Highly recommended for all parents and used in my family, you will have added comfort that you are protecting your child without spying on that child.

Cost to Protect Your Child:
An affordable $9.95 per month protects 5 children -
exclusive through this website, also get the set up free wavered (a $25 value).

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