Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tech: No More Of The Bland White Background From Google

Surprise, surprise the day has finally came that Google got rid of their drab white homepage design, releasing their customized backgrounds just today June 10, 2010. White backgrounds and the inability to customize was a technological fashion so out of date, Google realized this; perhaps maybe from a little push of Bing.

Account holders simply need to go to Google’s search engine homepage, a page we know far too well, and take a quick glance at the bottom left corner of the screen where you will newly notice a blue change your background image hyperlink. Google prompts each user to log on to access such new option so they can keep track of the success rate of this new feature, once signed in you can add your custom Picasa image or choose from editor picks and user shared photos; this data base will continuously grow so please do not fear if you find distaste in selections thus far -- remember you can add and also share your own Google background image!

Personally, it took me several various pre-downloaded options to choose that I would opt for a nice attentive black and white image from my own web file; my goal was to calm the vibrant colors of the sections Google has opted to put into place. I have no doubt that you will too change your mind a few times and Google also allows for this, each time you wish to try another Google will revert to the white background and prompt you for your choice.

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